Neglecting cooling service was a bad idea

The weather warmed up quite a bit earlier than normal this year.  By the beginning of May, the snow had completely gone away in addition to the outside temperature was already climbing into the upper eighties.  I had barely turned off the oil furnace when it was time to start up the a/c. Because there was virtually no season in between winter and summer, I failed to have the central cooling plan professionally tuned.  I was so busy shoveling snow utensils into the garage, putting away windshield scrapers in addition to Winter season clothing items. I was preoccupied with dragging out sitting areas, cleaning the barbecue grill in addition to opening the hot tub and pool.  When I first turned on the a/c, it seemed to be functioning just fine. I made sure to update the air filter, in addition to hoped that would be enough to keep it operating perfectly throughout the summer months. With exceptionally high temperatures in high humidity, the A/C plan was pushing too hard.  I kept it pushing basically non stop, in addition to after about 6 weeks, it started making a bizarre grinding sound. The sound was awful, but I was pleased that the a/c was still putting out tons and tons of cool air. Although, within another couple months, performance began to decrease. The a/c could no longer keep up with the hot outdoor air, in addition to the home felt a bit toasty in addition to gross.  When I got our following electric bill, I knew I needed to call for professional Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C service. There was no way I could pay to fork over that kind of cash when the home wasn’t even chilled. When the serviceman accessed the inner workings of the cooling system, he discovered a massive buildup of dust, mold in addition to other debris. After a serious cleaning, the a/c was restored to working condition.

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