My wife keeps getting sick

I have always had terrible allergies since my childhood and I can remember missing out on many activities because of them. At any point during the year, I could have allergy attacks that left me incapacitated, regardless of where I was and what the weather was like, I could have a huge sneezing fit. This is why, now that I am grown,  I always rely on my HVAC system to filter out all of the dust particles and pollen that cause the problem. I have the highest grade filter which removes these particles no matter how small. Seeing as I am allergic to just about any foreign substance in the air, I change my filter more frequently and make sure to clean my home thoroughly each and every week. Thankfully, during my cleaning process,  any dust that I kick up will be sucked up by my HVAC filter and I won’t have to deal with it. There is only one place that I can’t really clean on my own. The dust will inevitably collect in the ducts the only way to clean them is to call an HVAC specialist to come and clean them. Fortunately for me, my local HVAC specialist is extremely quick at cleaning my vents and he’s one of the friendliest people I know. I have them out for yearly maintenance I have also a duct cleaning every 2 years to ensure that my allergies don’t get too bad. Without the maintenance and duct cleanings, I would have go back to being sick all the time, missing out on work, and not be able to enjoy life to it fullest.