My septic tank is going out

Last summer, we had a problem with the the septic system at our house.  The toilets weren’t flushing properly, and water wasn’t draining effectively from the tubs and sinks.  When my washing machine would drain, my basement would flood.  We snaked the floor drain in the basement, but this did not fix the problem.  We ended up calling a local plumbing company and scheduling service for our septic tank.  To make the service easier and less expensive, my husband and I dug up the septic tank ourselves.  This was a very labor-intensive project, and since it was the middle of July, the outside temperature was right around eighty-five degrees.  Digging up the backyard was not a pleasant afternoon activity.  It hadn’t rained in several weeks, and the ground was extremely dry and difficult to excavate.  It took us several hours to uncover the septic tank.  I expected the job of pumping the septic to be a messy, disgusting, and smelly job.  The plumbing company arrived in a large truck, which they drove onto the lawn and parked right beside the septic tank.  The truck was equipped with a very large flexible hose, which the plumber lowered down into the septic tank.  The pumping of the tank took less than an hour, and there was no mess and very little odor.  The service was not all that expensive, and definitely worthwhile.  Of course, my husband and I still needed to fill the dirt back into the hole, rake it out, and spread grass seed over it.  I was relieved that my toilet was once more flushing as it should, and the drains were working.

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