My motel and how it works

I am the owner of a small motel corporation in our hometown. What I do is take out 12 rooms plus there is a bar right across the parking lot. I run both of those things. The rooms are a bigger pain in the rear because of the constant upkeep with it. There are heating plus cooling complications all of the time. A chair gets broken or a mattress gets ruined. But really the worst plus most often complications are plumbing things. I do not want to call a plumbing provider plus be charged a whole ton of money, honestly my child plus I can figure out most plumbing errors on our own. We have done a wide variety of plumbing repairs overtime, but our most impressive feat was in room 11’s toilet. The toilet in that room would flush however only take the water. Any solid masses plus sludge would not go down. It was absolutely not ideal plus a smelly. My child plus I both tried getting it down plus fixing the drainage in the piping. It still did not solve it. Every one of us even tried using a plumber’s snake down the toilet. I was then forced to take out the entire toilet to see where the issues were coming from. Every one of us could not see anything down the piping of the toilet. So what I did was then shaken down that piping while our child shined a light on the situation. Every one of us then found out what the issue was. Somebody put down the plastic cap on the toilet plus clogged up the piping. That is why the people I was with and I had such a hard time with drainage.