My mom has a nice house

It’s a funny thing how your perception changes so drastically when you visit home! I feel like I rapidly transition from an adult to an angst-ridden teenager the moment I step foot inside my mom’s house.  One moment I’m totally responsible and high functioning, and the next I’m crying hysterically on the bathroom floor. It really doesn’t help that she hasn’t stopped treating me like a dumb teenager. I also don’t think I benefit from the uncomfortable environment she creates, with her HVAC system.  My mom has a different obsession with the temperature control. She prefers to keep it turned as low as possible, so that she uses a minimal amount of energy each month! The thing is, she’s willing to sacrifice a lot of personal comfort in order to save a few bucks each month by keeping the heating and cooling system powered off.  When I go to visit her in the winter, the home is completely miserable. She hates to run the gas furnace, so she sets the temperature control settings down to 62 degrees. From the moment I walk into her home, I am freezing cold and shivering. I layer up with heavy sweaters, socks, and sweatpants, but nothing cuts that northern Illinois chill during the long winter. I’ve tried to adjust the temperature control, without her permission, but my efforts are consistently undone within a few moments when my mom gets her fingers on the setting controls. I know that being ridiculously chilly isn’t an excuse for my terrible behavior at home, however I don’t think that it helps to maintain the highest standards of mental health, either.