My home is awesome

I know that I can be a bit cautious. There are times this is due to my undiagnosed anxiety, and there are days when I just need to take a deep calming breath and rein it all in.  But there are also occurrences in which I think my anxiety is completely worth it and I get quite upset when I think that I’m going to not be listened to. This is exactly what was going on in the last 6 months with my buddy Zach and our potential Radon contamination… You see, Zach and I live right near a major wooded park which happens to be really composed of a gigantic slab of shale rock. I also recently learned that shale is 1 of the major natural sources of Radon gas, a horrible product of uranium decay. Because shale can house relatively high concentrations of uranium, it is a known contributor of the air of Radon gas. When I started hearing about stories in the local paper of nearby people afflicted with phases of the lung cancers, I immediately recalled that Radon exposure is made to be the second most leading cause of respiratory cancer and drew my own thoughts on it. I began pestering my friend Zach to purchase an at-home Radon detection kit from the local store for my own frame of mind. I wanted to get rid of the option that our home was living on a deposit of uranium-containing granite and gradually accumulating Radon gas, but, the DIY detection test came back with not good results!

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