My health can be negatively impacted by bad air

I have always suffered from hayfever and/or seasonal allergies.  They seem to be more common as time goes on. When I was younger, it appeared that only a small handful of children had to take allergy medicine regularly. Nowadays, though, a the number of kids with allergies is growing and many have to take medicine for their symptoms. The symptoms seem worse when kids want to go outdoors and play or after they have had recess outside, or gym class at school that was held outside. It is completely true that running air conditioning will help in controlling allergy symptoms or respiration difficulties. When the air conditioning unit is on, it does two things. First, it cools the environment and then it removes much of the humidity. Some don’t realize how important removing the humidity from the air is but, it is critical, especially here in the south. There is a lot of moisture within our air, so it adds to the oppressive nature of the hot temperatures. With the air conditioning helping to remove the moisture, it also reduces the chances of having mold or mildew grow within the building. Both mold and mildew particles have a tendency to make it very hard to breathe. It’s generally worse for people who have allergies, actually most people will have some sort of negative reaction to mold or mildew. That’s one reason why air conditioning is healthy. It can be very scary to have the feeling that you can’t catch your breath. This new HVAC system is very efficient and keeps down the allergens inside my house. I don’t understand why lots of people today experience allergy symptoms, but I know that I’m glad that my HVAC system does regulate the environment and minimizes the allergy symptoms my friends and relatives experience while at my house.

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