My furnace makes some weird noises

The other day, I found a puddle on my kitchen floor, and I blamed the dog.  I cleaned it up, and a few hours later, there was a another puddle.  It didn’t take long for me to figure out that my water cooler was leaking.  I had to remove the water bottle, unplug the unit, and call the water company.  They brought me a brand new water cooler and set it up the next day.  That same day, I had an HVAC technician at the house to service my furnace.  He inspected all the major components, tightened the wiring, and performed safety checks.  On the same day, I had a pair of technicians from the cable company in my living room and crawling around on my porch roof, hooking up a dish for our television.  There was a lot of activity going on, and I was anxious to have my house back to normal.  It was nice when all of the service tasks were done, and all of my appliances were working properly.  That night, I started hearing a strange, high-pitched sound in the house.  It took a while to track down the source.  I was worried that there was some problem with my furnace.  The technician had said that everything looked good, but my heating system is very old.  My television is brand new, and I was really hoping that it wasn’t making that irritating whistle.  It turned out that it was the water cooler screeching, and I needed to get another new unit.  I was so relieved that my HVAC system and my television were fine, that I didn’t mind setting up another appointment to exchange the cooler.

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