My energy bills are getting too high

Sometimes I don’t feel like a real adult.  I have a lot of inner thoughts and impulses that are more in line with an adolescent, and I wonder when I’m going to fully transition into boring adulthood. Well, I suppose I’m taking a big step these days, then recently I have been deeply considering the benefits of modern home repairs for tax breaks. It hurts to even speak that boring, old adult sentence.   In the last couple years I became a first time homeowner and I’m still studying the ins and outs of being a responsible property owner! One of the things that has recently come to light is the potential to update my home HVAC unit with a tax credit from the government. Apparently there are programs that support the purchase of more energy efficient and environmentally friendly home heating and cooling systems. In an effort to decrease overall energy expenditure, the government supports the replacement of old heating and cooling systems. All you have to do is purchase one of the most highly energy star rated temperature control plan components on the market, and cost can be deducted from your annual taxes.  Best of all, you continue to save money because of the decreased energy requirements for each piece of new home temperature control equipment. In only a few short years, the cooling system or furnace will pay for itself via reduced utility bills each month. As much as I dislike thinking about all of these home appliance replacements, I love the thought of all that extra money. At least I can save money like an adult, but spend it like a teenager.

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