My boy and the HVAC guy

I’ve wanted my children to be successful, no matter they choose to do in life. I have tried to be sure that their interests are diverse, to allow for them to choose any path they wish to follow. My oldest child can be an artist. Both of my sons went to technical college, and they both graduated with degrees in the field of HVAC repair and maintenance. My partner and I couldn’t be prouder of our children, as they all three enjoy doing work in a career in which they find joy. When the boys graduated with their HVAC certification, they both went to work at the same HVAC consulting firm. I was amazed at how fast they caught onto every subject relating to this HVAC industry. My sons were the company’s best sales team in a little under a year. Still, I was incredibly nervous right after they said they were going to quit their great jobs, and focus on their own HVAC company. They said that this HVAC industry was growing quickly, because everyone wants to be warm over the winter and cold during summer months. There would still be job security. That was almost five years in the past, and the boys still own their own HVAC business. They purchased two additional trucks for repairs, and they have ten employees now. There are just about the most reputable HVAC company in our county. I am such a proud Mom of my three wonderful young people.

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