My boiler

My whole town is a major flood zone. We get tons of water in my area no matter what season it is. The cold season brings in massive quantities of snow. Then we periodically will get warm days that thaw the snow. The hot season brings about a ton of rain too. We get so much water that our whole town will flood periodically. My house, of course, is right in town in the heart of the flood zone. I have experienced so much water damage before that you would think that I would learn. However, we had not experienced major flooding in over three years. I forgot about the potential flood risks. So I had my new boiler system set up in my basement. The boiler is my home’s main heating system. The boiler also is used as a hot water tank. It was super expensive but totally worth the price. Most boilers live to be about fifty years old and some can go beyond that. So I was looking at my heating equipment lasting through the long haul. Well, then we got a ton of rain falling and it just kept going. The whole town flooded and my basement filled with water. Afterwards I went to check on my basement and realized the boiler got totally submerged in water. That can’t be good for a heater right? I am worried about using my heating system. I have done some hunting around online about potential water damage to heaters. It looks like I am going to have an expensive heater repair.