Moving around the country

My brother has always had my back in all situations! He’s my best friend, and he’s always there to lend a helping hand when I need it. Last year, he was a major help when I relocated to a new city. He knew that I would need someone to help me move all of my furniture and belongings, so he took a couple of days off from work to join me in the move. When we made it to the new house with all of my furniture, I was pretty frustrated when I found that the air conditioner wasn’t working properly. It was a hot day, and all that was coming through the air vents was hot air. Luckily, my brother knew a lot about HVAC units, and he was able to get it running like normal in no time. Without him, I know that I would have had to call an HVAC technician, and that would have probably put me out at least a couple of hundred dollars. The fact that he’s so handy really saved me a headache as well as some extra money. After that, we were able to move all of my stuff into the house with the A/C running at full blast. It was a productive day, and I was glad to have him there to help me out. Without him, my move probably would have been total chaos. There’s no doubt that I owe him a favor whenever he needs it. I’m so lucky to have a sibling who I am extremely close with!

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