Modern thermostat tips

It is really easy to forget when the last product in a line of technology was released. For example, I can never remember when I am due for a phone upgrade. My carrier allows me to capitalize on a discount every two years on a new phone. Sometimes, it feels as if those two years fly by and other times it drags on forever. I suppose this depends on if you are happy with your phone at the time. If you like your phone, you’re not going to want to get a new one quite as bad. If you are unhappy with your phone, you will be counting down the days. I think this applies to other forms of technology as well. For the longest time, my home’s HVAC equipment was controlled by this old dial thermostat on my living room wall. I never felt as though this device was holding me back, so I never really considered upgrading. That was until an HVAC technician came into my home for a routine service appointment one afternoon. When he was done, he took one look at my outdated thermostat and chuckled. He told me he could upgrade that unit for a fair price and listed the benefits of having a modern thermostat. I took his advice and I couldn’t be happier now! My heater and air conditioner are in better hands with this new thermostat and it makes me feel more confident in my entire system. I will keep better track of my HVAC equipment from this point forward.