Mexican joint with no cooling

I am a true creature of habits.  I tend to find a number one favorite plus stick to those things unless truly something extreme happens.  When I find our number one favorite foods, restaurants, beverages, etc, I don’t steer away from them unless necessary.  My number one restaurant, accordingly, is a Mexican restaurant in our region. Of course, I frequently visit this restaurant with family plus friends. I know exactly what to expect when I walk in, and I’ve decided on a meal before I even step foot into the building.  However, I was pretty disappointed during our recent visits last week. Their cooling component was broken that time. Rising temperatures coupled with the terrible heat coming from the neighboring room filled the small restaurant with excruciatingly muggy, hot air. It was getting hard to breathe in there let alone eat.  I couldn’t think that so several people were sitting happily inside having dinner in that unbearable heat anyways. When I asked the waitress about the AC unit, she said that the air conditioning component broke down in the middle of the last night. I felt so sorry at that moment for the staff because they seemed to be genuinely suffering through those hot hot indoor temperatures.  I could see the discomfort in their exhausted faces and sweaty shirts. Ultimately, I ended up asking them to please pack up our food to go plus took it home. I thoroughly felt as if the breath returned to our lungs for the first time when I stepped outside into the fresh air. I am still hoping they get HVAC maintenance as soon as possible because I’d sure enjoy to return next week.  I still thoroughly enjoyed the food when I was in the comfort of our own home.

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