Medical bills

There was this show on cable when I was young that I often watched. Honestly, the name escapes me now, but it was about a woman who ran a show about improving your home. The woman always hurt herself during the show to get a laugh. I still remember thinking it was the funniest thing. Today, it seems that I’ve become the lady who made me laugh until I cried, as I’m always hurting myself at work! Working as a contractor is the ideal job for me though, despite my frequent injuries. I still go back to work as soon as I’m recovered. The other day, however, I had a run of bad luck when I tried to repair my cooling system at home! I’m perfectly comfortable maintaining my component around the house. Honestly, the job was simple enough. I only needed to open the compressor unit outside then check the coils for destruction. If they were destroyed, I would replace them. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, I managed to forget a crucial part of any job involving  running current of electricity. Yes, it is what you think … I forgot to cut the power to the unit before I opened it. So right as I was reaching through the unit to check the coils, the unit cycled on, and my arm just so happened to be resting on top of some open wires. Well, as you can imagine, I managed to electrocute myself. Plus, I got a nasty burn on my arm. When I arrived at the hospital with a cloth around my burned arm, the receptionist in the ER couldn’t help herself; she laughed at me. I don’t blame her, as she’s seen me quite a few times this year alone.

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