Math Quiz and HVAC

My daughter just started high school this year. It has been a hard transition for her! First of all, she had to change schools, which is always stressful. Second of all, she has so many new subjects. Her work is definitely a lot harder. Trust me, I have to help her!  Last week she had to stufu for this big math quiz, and I couldn’t be much help to her. It was actually too advanced for me. I was also concentrating on an HVAC system issue we were going through at the time. The day before we had an HVAC technician ver to the house to do our 6 month inspection. We always have our heating and cooling system inspected, cleaned, and maintained twice a year. This form of HVAC system care ensures that our HVAC system is always working at the highest level possible. Well, the inspection we had yesterday told us that we needed to have a brand new furnace installed. I was trying to figure out how we could budget in order to afford this furnace investment. I was hoping we could set up a payment plan, so I was doing my own math homework. Crunching numbers for an HVAC system budget is tricky work! I sat there hard at work, adding and subtracting numbers. I would not let this HVAC system issue defeat me. I would find a way to budget for this new furnace if I had to stay up all night. I was eventually able to figure out the HVAC system budget. I was sad that I couldn’t help my daughter with her homework though.

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