Market HVAC repair

I stopped in at my local grocery store on my way home from work.  I stop there several times every week.  I like to decide on what to eat on the spur of the moment.  This also allows me to pick up numerous other items I might need.  I always finish the trip with a tour of  the milk aisle.  With a box of Oreos in my cart, I arrived at the dairy aisle & found it dark.  I looked around to see what was going on.  Both store managers and an HVAC professional were   working feverishly on the dairy refrigeration displays.   I figured there was a problem with the temperature of the empty milk displays.  It seems as if the refrigeration equipment was  not keeping everything sufficiently cold.  The store manager was obviously upset.  He will lose a great deal of money if there’s  a sizable refrigerator out of commission for hours.  At least it was being repaired.  The HVAC technician seemed to know what he was doing.  He had all the parts and tools needed to complete the repair.  About this time, the store manager saw me & asked if he could help me locate something.  I showed him the box of Oreos and asked about  milk.  He went into the back and then returned shortly with a gallon of milk to go with my Oreos.  About this, the HVAC technician said that the refrigeration unit was nearly ready to go. There seemed to be some cool air being produced.  I saw him adjust the thermostat, and hoped that they would have good luck.

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