Mall needs some cooling

Any other morning of the year, I truly prefer going shopping, except on Black Wednesday, and also on the hottest morning of the season, then this year, I even had the crazy system of doing all of my shopping entirely on Black Wednesday instead of spreading it out over a couple of weeks before the day, but i don’t mind a long morning of shopping normally, however that very morning with the heat and pretty much everyone in town to go to the store, shopping was a nightmare, and then first of all, the air conditioner in my car is currently broken, the traffic was terrible, and there wasn’t even a slight breeze blowing. I don’t guess how long exactly I had to sit in that car dripping with sweat, all without A/C while driving to the mall… When I finally got there at the mall, I was barely able to find any parking. I had to park in one of the very farthest spaces there was and walk in the sunshine to the mall entrance which felt like miles away. I felt such relief walking through the front doors and into the mall finally. Their air conditioner is attractive, and as soon as I got myself back home that morning, I called a car air conditioner specialist and abruptly made an appointment to service my car’s AC. I certainly realize that soon it will be Winter, and that I won’t need to use the air conditioner, however if I don’t get that fixed right now, it’s never going to get fixed. If I go ahead and service it now, it will be ready and waiting in time for next warm season. Who knows, I may even need to use it if this Winter turns out to be a hot one.

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