Making the choice to repair the central air

I’ve always believed people should pick their battles. When my automobile has a breakdown, I’ll step back to evaluate the cause and determine if it would be best to leave it to a professional, or handle it myself. If the washer has a leak, I trust myself enough to repair it… One thing I’m hesitant to attempt repairs on is the A/C unit. I have a conventional unit that fits in the window of my home office. It’s pretty effective at keeping the house cool, and I can handle dismantling it to clean dust off the fins. Recently though, it started blowing hot air into the house… The air was hotter than it was outside! After consulting a few online do-it-yourself websites, it seemed that the window unit was likely leaking refrigerant. I found a video online that shows how to refill the compressor with refrigerant, and I thought it didn’t look too hard. Surely I could handle it! Well, I was wrong, very wrong; After spending an hour dismantling the entire window unit, I got to the compressor. One problem though – I had nothing to really transfer the refrigerant into the compressor! The hose that came with the can of refrigerant wasn’t made to transfer into a compressor. At this point, I was too frustrated, and decided to haul it to a heating as well as air conditioning parts and repair store, figuring I could at least get someone there to repair it. When I went in and explained what the situation was to the men in the shop, they laughed and told me I was better off buying a current unit. They were right – it was way cheaper to just buy a current window unit, since repairing the old one would just delay the inevitable.

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