Making sure everything is clean

Because I was really working on small level electronic devices which had died on me, I studied carbon composition resistors.  I was in hopes that I could repair some of the old appliances I had inherited from my mom and dad.  Carbon composition resistor are created out of good carbon particles plus are widely used in circuits.  A better point of a carbon composition resistor is that it can withstand high energy parts.  When current is through it, the whole resistor conducts the electricity.  By comparison, a wirewound resistor has a much smaller amount of the wire to conduct the energy.  Due to the thermal mass of the carbon composition resistor is much more, it has higher energy ability.  Then, carbon resistors are much less fancy.  45 years ago, carbon resistors were widely used for typical electronics.  They are not suitable for most modern electronic pieces.  With tons of use, the design of a carbon resistor makes them unstable.  The carbon resistor contains materials with tons of heat expansion properties.  When the carbon particles heat up or cool a bit, stress occurs within the resistor.   The mechanical contact between the conducting particles will shift, plus this causes a shift in the resistance value.  Next, the design of the carbon composition resistors makes them able to noise properties.  Noise levels will go up when current flows.   After seeing all of this stuff, I was no closer to understanding what the resistor does, or how to fix it.  I then just gave up on my plans to repair the electronic devices.

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