Making a difference

When my roommate and I moved into this new town, both of us decided that it would be better to rent a house. We are best friends and since college, have constantly lived in an apartment, but we were both making a good living now and could afford a better place. I had just been hired to draft plans for a new neighborhood park and do all of the landscaping. My buddy worked in the radiology department at the local hospital around the corner. We found a great house right in the middle of the city. Both of our jobs were only a few minutes away from the nightlife, beautiful pizzerias, plus the best bars. We were able to have some good time in the house until it started giving us problems.  Unfortunately, it happened to be a concern of significant size. My buddy came home and discovered our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system was not working. Neither of us are mechanically inclined, so every one of us immediately decided to look for an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C service company that could fix this issue quickly. We didn’t have anyone in the neighborhood who had any HVAC store recommendations, so we relied on the internet for reviews. We called up a few and some didn’t have openings until the next business day. I called the number of a well rated HVAC company and it took thirty minutes for an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C service professional to return my phone call. After I spent multiple minutes telling him about the problem, he said that it was after hours for the evening and that the work would cost double if we wanted to have it done that night.  I passed and we waited through the night for the next day and called a sensible HVAC company.

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