Make sure you test for radon

My wife Sandra and I recently moved into a new household. My wife is a fixer and likes to get deep into his projects. Sandra was recently in our basement gutting it and making it into a workout room, but while she was doing all sorts of construction, she decided to check for radon. I didn’t even know that radon was a real thing and something to check for. We were lucky that my wife was aware and actually thought ahead to check our household… We found that we had really high, dangerous levels of radon in our basement. Radon is practically undetectable. It has no color, has no smell and can only be detected with a certain type of detector. If you don’t go looking for radon, you will be poisoned. This is the truth, radon is like a poison. It is honestly a cancer causing gas that affects a lot of homeowners everywhere. Sandra discovered it right away and called a contractor that specializes in radon. They were able to install piping in our basement as well as a pump looking contraption. What it does is takes the radon and then pumps it through the pipes and out of our indoor air quality. The installation of this radon component was not inexpensive, however it was easily necessary. Do you want cancer or a new component installed in your basement? That is basically what my wife and I had concluded to together. It was quite exhausting to deal with but I am thrilled that the threat of radon is gone from my home. I can’t imagine how terrible my situation could have been separate from my wife. I know that I never would have found the radon.

radon testing