Lower energy bills

I’ve recently been living in a three story colonial home far in the south and it is honestly quite difficult to keep it cool in the summer season.  In order for myself and others to remain somewhat comfortable, I must set our temperature control to a drastically lower temperature in order to keep some air conditioning flowing through the higher levels of our house.  However, it still is not very comfortable upstairs with our single zone air conditioning not quite getting the job done and the temperature control is suffering upstairs. So I contacted 1 of those blogger websites to inquire what I might do, and they’ve sent back a resolution as to how I should resolve keeping the upstairs cooled in the summer season.  The HVAC professional who answered the blog suggests that I have more than one ducted air conditioning units added to the upper floors, setting up a simple HVAC zoned area. One ducted HVAC method for the master dining room and another for the children’s’ dining rooms, both to improve our indoor air quality and the upstairs temperature control! Basically with the addition of the HVAC system, I will be turning our upstairs rooms from an existing forced-air method to an elaborate dual zone, with its’ own temperature control and temperature control… The system will allow myself and others to control the temperature for the upstairs better and know more comfortable in our sleeping quarters.  Another HVAC professional blogger suggests that I might even need more insulation and air-sealing. As a matter of fact, I think that is what is to blame for our lack of fantastic air quality upstairs. Poor insulation and exhausting air-sealing will make any room uncomfortable, regardless of how much air conditioning is pumped inside.

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