Living without any a/c

For the first time in my life, I have to make it through the entire summer without an a/c. I moved into this town house a year ago, and luckily, it came with an ancient window a/c that I was able to utilize for the summer. I was happily employed at the time and didn’t mind paying a little extra in my energy bill to be able to run the a/c in the evenings. Fast forward a year later and my window a/c is broken, and on top of that, I am no longer employed. So, I had to get rid of a lot of expenses in order to afford the rent here. I am interviewing for a few positions, but it’ll likely be at least a week before I start earning money again and I’ll have to catch up on my debit card bill before I can afford luxuries such as an a/c again. Since the city has a heat wave coming, I spent a few hours searching for alternatives to using an a/c. Some tips that I found were to spritz yourself with cold water and sit in front of a fan. I discovered you can also hang a wet towel around your neck. It works so much better if you stick the towel in the freezer for a while beforehand. I am going to avoid using my stove and oven completely this summer to help keep the town house cool. If it gets too balmy in the evening, I’ll probably take a cold shower and sleeping wet afterward. Hopefully, this will be enough to keep my sanity throughout summer until I find a new job and can afford to buy an a/c. I am definitely looking forward to that day!

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