Living in basic comfort

I actually do not care for feeling like I’ve been blind sided or taken for a ride in at all. I am pretty smart, plus I try to be truly careful when I’m making any sort of deal so that I’m not being screwed over, that’s why it kills me to be constantly sending my own money off to ComEd each month for the privilege of living in basic comfort. I know in my heart that these swindlers have found a way to dupe all of us in america out of their acquired cash by charging such high costs for something that is a necessity for us all. There’s no way around using energy for lights, television, plus other technological devices, plus there are super limited possibilities for alternatives when it comes to our HVAC systems. I’ve never lived in a state where it was possibly to rely on mother nature to provide livable weather all year round, plus I’ve always had to operate my oil furnace or a/c, depending on the season at the time. This large supplier realizes that people cannot survive without a/c or heating, and they know they have the ability to charge us astronomical amounts for using our HVAC systems. Every person I’m friends with worries about their HVAC usage, plus thermometer control is a huge reason for family fights. I know it’s totally ridiculous that we’re basically owned by these giant companies who can monopolize the entire country’s energy distribution. If I ever get the option to stop handing hundreds of dollars over to utility companies each month I will be so happy.