Letting them use the heater

I live in a region with pretty nasty winter weather. That being said, I still care about the Winter, and don’t really understand how so many other people hate it so badly.  It’s cold, can be windy, but other than that, I think winter is an amazing time of year! Personally, I care about the Winter as well as every part that comes with it, including the bad weather.  I care about the snow, the wet and chilly air, as well as the indoor temperature control units that keep me alive. I especially care to operate my heating as well as fireplace throughout those colder days. I enjoy the feeling of warm, dry air being pumped into my house all the time. However, I often feel guilty for running the whole central heating system when I’m the only person actually in the house! It seems incredibly wasteful. I was driving recently and noticed maybe a couple of homeless people who had clearly been outdoors, living under the bridge that they were sitting under.  It was actually far too cold outside as well as it was clear to me that they did not have reasonable clothing on hand or supplies to sustain themselves for long in those kind of conditions. So, I decided to invite them to come back to my beach house for the evening. When they shook themselves off and walked in, they could not have been any more ecstatic to be warmly welcomed with a burst of heat coming straight from our fireplace in the kitchen. They really wanted to sleep in front of the fire and in front of the central heating vents to soak up every ounce of warmth they could. It felt good to help them out as well as I loved how gleeful they felt to be warm in my house. I didn’t even feel bad for cranking up the furnace to full blast that day.  

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