Let’s clean this area up

When my cousin left a number of months ago, he was going to join the carnival and send us some money since there was no work in our town right now. I never thought it was a good idea, because the carnival is too alluring and dangerous with people he didn’t know. By the end of two months, Jack had stopped writing and sending money. The allure of freedom got to him as I thought it would. Though, my aunt and her children now had nowhere to go as they relied on Jack’s help. Since they were forced out of the only home that they knew, they now had to move into our already crowded house. Mom never thought much of my cousin, so she was more than ready to let them move in with us for awhile. We has a huge house in the country that my dad built before he went off to the way, and it seemed like a good home for us at the time. It’s only been a few weeks that our family has been living with us and it is already driving me crazy. My mom has a lot of rules about the house that I am used to, like turning off all of the lights when you aren’t in a room. She also has a thermostat that controls the temperature in the house to stick to our budget for the utilities. It’s a pretty cool thing, and much more efficient than our ancient a/c used to be. Well my cousins weren’t too keen on this plan.  When they were feeling just an ounce of warmth, they adjusted the thermostat to 65 degrees without even asking. It felt like the arctic when I walked in the door from school. She was curled up in a wool blanket, when my mom came home from work and started screaming. She told her that she could never touch the thermostat again or she would have to leave. I don’t think she liked hearing that and thought she was being ridiculous. The next day, mom came into the house from the car with a digital thermostat, that uses a fingerprint scan to adjust the temperature. Her excuse said it was time for a new thermostat, but I knew she was just being a anal.

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