Learning the hard way

I couldn’t believe what happened to me roughly five years ago. That was around the time when I first became a homeowner. I was so excited about getting a nice place, that I didn’t really stop to think about the essential household maintenance. The thing that I really didn’t think about that was so important was taking care of my HVAC maintenance. I was just cranking the heat inside of the winter and inside the summer, I had to blast that A/C. I felt like I was on top of the world with this new home and thought the HVAC system would just last forever without me doing anything to it. Well, when the A/C quit working on me, that’s when I had to talk to my parents about what was going on. They let me know that I had to contact the HVAC company and so I did. I then learned that I was doing everything wrong by not properly keeping up with the needed HVAC upkeep. It was all my own fault, but at least I was able to learn some important things. The HVAC technician provided me with a bunch of energy saving tips and things I could do for self maintenance. The main thing was to stay on top of changing the air filter. My air filter was so incredibly filthy, that it was a wonder that my HVAC system was even running as long as it was. I suppose it would be like running your car without ever changing the oil. Nothing good can come from it as I learned the hard way.

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