Lake house needed cooling

        My summers have been spent at a lake cabin for the last eight years or so. I get to travel whenever I choose to, because my job allows me to work from anywhere. Every year I rent the same cabin because I always feel serene and empowered to tackle the rest of the year when I leave there. Though I hardly ever have any grievances about the house, there was one time when the HVAC stopped working.

             I had spent a day in the hot sun and when I came back  inside, I found that the thermostat wouldn’t budge. I really needed an HVAC specialist after I tried troubleshooting the best I could to no avail. I was so relieved when the AC was running again by the end of the day, all because the property manager kept her word by calling a mechanic almost instantly. I wasn’t really thinking it wouldn’t get fixed, but a small voice in the back of my head had me worrying that I may have to spend the night without AC.

              I would have been truly afflicted without it because I’m so used to sleeping with cool air blowing on me. I’m pretty mellow and don’t make a lot of demands except for the only thing that I insist on having which is a nice A/C! The rest of the trip was perfect from that moment on and I had no further issues or complaints.