Lack of a/c at the dorms

My first year in a big college dorm was an entirely  interesting experience. I went to a slightly small college that did not have any kind of  adequate budget for building renovations. Thus, when the older central air conditioning plan in our big dorm broke down, in addition to the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning specialist said that it truly needed to be upgraded, the college decided to absolutely install window air conditioning units in everyone’s great rooms.  They surmised that this would save them a lot of money. Unfortunately, they had a little too much faith in the freshman college students. Of course, the new students immediately began to use the window air conditioning units for their very  own supreme comfort. Students from the north who liked the colder weather kept the room’s air conditioning on consistently in their rooms in addition to simply  refused to use the other heating settings unless the temperatures were way below freezing. Students from the hotter south wanted to keep the gas furnace on all throughout the colder Wintertime. Because all of the the students were in charge of the thermostats, they truly  never adjusted them when they left for the longer afternoon, so the window a/c units ran almost consistently. Utility bills began to truly skyrocket because of how often those newer window a/cs were used. The faculty hopefully tried to make rules about appropriate temperature settings in addition to just  how the window air conditioning units should be rightly used, but of course, that did not do any type of good. After a long while, the faculty was forced to sadly go back to the central a/c. They were not very cheerful about spending all that money to install a new, current a/c, but I think the higher and extra expense was worth it for them in the end!

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