Lab air filters

Science is about precision. I absolutely adore math, when dealing with calculus one must be exact in all things, or else your results will not be accurate. My dad used to say I was picky because I’ve always been this way, but I just want things to be done correctly. And so it is today, because I work in a lab collecting samples. This is delicate job that requires precision. Have you heard the expression, “it isn’t an exact science”? Well whoever said that is an idiot. I have learned that a good HVAC system is highly important. Part of this is for general comfort in the lab–if the HVAC works efficiently, people will be more comfortable and will focus on their work. But setting temperature control aside for a moment, the Heating and Air Conditioning program offers many other aspects to help our scientific study. First off, having good air quality due to a good ventilation and circulation system is very important. Having a consistent indoor air quality helps for greater precision in our results. Making sure that the air is completely clean means for less variables in our equations. The fewer variables the better, so I always make sure our central Heating and Air Conditioning program is well diagnosed, cleaned officially, and is always in perfect actually working condition.

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