Know your HVAC system

The year 2010 the holiday cooking fell to me, as it was our turn selected to host the Thanksgiving Day meals. Everything was going as projected, I had the decorations up plus the food cooking on time, until such time as disaster struck. Our central heating and air conditioning equipment suddenly smashed down. With all of the cooking happening in the kitchen, the house began to heat up quickly. This might be a good thing, if just we had lived in a very northern city. But we are in a warm southern state, where by most Christmas’ are enjoyed around tshirts and tank tops. As my husband tried aimlessly to determine the problem with our ac unit, I did my best not to melt away with the food. My family members started to sweat and cough and I felt myself continue to panic a little. After some time, we knew it was time for him to call the experts. Though it could be costly during a holiday, we contacted an unexpected emergency heating and air conditioning repair internet business. They sent an HVAC repairman appropriately out. The technician cleaned and reconditioned our central heating and air conditioning system inside an hour. He needed to switch a part he thankfully had in his HVAC work vehicle. The cool air started to flow on the vents eventually and we all had a new reason to be very thankful this christmas, a cool place to try to eat some delicious Thanksgiving turkey and also emergency HVAC services nearby.

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