Kids need radiant floors

I work at a childcare center down the street that deals with babies to toddlers, however what I mostly do at work all afternoon is change diapers, get the kids food plus try and supervise games, then my fellow workers plus I also work to try to teach the kids fancy skills, one of those essential skills being to roll over, crawl plus eventually walk… So since the kids are so hands on the floor all the time, our afternoon care has radiant floors, and the necessary radiant gas furnace is really necessary for the kids as far as we can tell. The babies spend most of the time laying around on the floors, the furnace makes it so they are comfortable all the time. The afternoon care is also situated in a slightly warmer temperature, so heating is actually needed at work to maintain the temp; A proper furnace is too dangerous because of the toasty hot glass front… Radiators also get far too tepid for the kids to touch. Most furnaces also work to push out dirty air as well. The indoor air condition certainly is really a big deal for young children. The radiant floors are completely safe below the floorboards. The kids really are simply touching electric heated mats! There’s absolutely no dirt, debris or pollutants that are entering the indoor air conditions from any HVAC. Another plus side of this furnace is that these fancy radiant floors are silent. They don’t make any sort of a loud clicking on plus off… You can’t even ever hear the heating coming through the vents. So that means no child is woken up from their naps. After dealing for a while with this type of gas furnace all afternoon, everyday I’m at work, I now want this type of furnace to be at my home, but i am thinking of getting a different hydronic gas furnace though. This uses a boiler plus all the piping in the floors.

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