Keeping this in pristine condition

I should never have attempted to repair my air conditioner on my own. Although I own an extensive collection of tools and am quite invaluable, I have no experience with air conditioner units. I am capable of changing the oil in my car, replacing windows and putting up drywall. I have successfully repaired my vacuum cleaner and installed a new water heater. After a little research online, I realized that the cooling system has very simple moving parts. There’s basically a motor, coils, compressor and evaporator. It didn’t seem all that difficult to take it apart, diagnose the problem, and put everything back together again. Sorry to say, removing a fan belt is easier than putting it back on. I found a whole bunch of dust, mold and slimy green algae everywhere inside the air conditioner, but I wasn’t certain that this caused the issue. Once I cleaned the different components, I knew that there was no way I’d be able to get it together and running just as before. I ended up calling a nearby HVAC contractor to help us out. The guy was nice about it, but was definitely aggravation in his voice as a result of my efforts. He told me that the repair was going to cost more because there was a lot of damaged parts that would have to be replaced. Most likely, the initial malfunction was simply as a result of the dust and mold and would have been easily taken care of.

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