Keeping the a/c on high

This week, I simply noticed a rather small rash directly on my back. I am not very positive, even though I think it is a little patch of poison ivy, then this case of poison ivy does not seem too terrible for me right now, especially when just compared to the brush I had with poison ivy when I was about six years old, we had gone swimming in a very nearby creek with some of my friends. We noticed some rather pretty flowers right along the creek banks, & ran along to pick all of them, however little did every one of us believe that poison ivy actually grew all along that creek bank there. By the next week, our arms & legs were completely covered with those very poor rashes. It was even right in the middle of the warm season, & I do remember that I could not even put on any socks because of how poor the rashes on my ankles exactly were. To make things far worse, the a/c unit in our home had just unexpectedly died. The excessive heat from the lack of a/c, combined with the itchiness from the rashes made for a very angry experience. I even just remember lying all awake at evening, praying for the a/c unit to magically just start blowing once again. The heat was just so oppressive I had thought, & I had even just wanted to scratch those rashes so very badly! We had to do without a/c for almost an entire week then until my dad actually got his paycheck & was able to spend all of that money for a current a/c unit. By that time, our rashes had started to calm down then. Within another week or so, everything was back to normal it seemed but now that I am dealing with poison ivy once again, I am very grateful that every one of us have a brand new a/c unit here!

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