Keeping the a/c in the house

When my husband, Greg, and I decided to build a small home, we knew exactly what style of cooling system we planned to use. We had heard of people getting by with window air conditioners, but we  wanted something that was permanently installed. We decided on a ductless mini split cooling system because we knew how energy efficient, lightweight, and affordable these systems are. In the past, we had a mini split air conditioner in our kitchen, and it worked well to keep the space cool. It operated from a remote controlled, and required very minimal upkeep.  The ductless unit was so quiet it was never a distraction in any way. In fact, compared to a window air conditioner, the ductless system is more effective, better at filtration and humidity control, and weI hardly ever notice it is running.  I knew that a quiet air conditioner would be a priority in a smaller home because there was no getting away from  the noise. Aside from that, it was important to us that the air coming from the  cooling unit would be evenly distributed. The mini split air conditioners is sufficiently powerful, so that this not a problem. The unit spreads  cool air through all areas of a space, and I know this isn’t always the case with portable cooling system. We have nearly completed the construction of our new home, and we are confident we have chosen the right cooling system for our needs.  We are excited to move in and start living at the new house.  We expect to be perfectly comfortable.

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