Keeping plants in climate control

Last year, before Wintertime, I began to compost my garden. I put a lot of fantastic stuff in there to compost over the Wintertime. Before there was just patches of grass and weeds there, which I don’t care for. However, now that planting season is right around the corner, I’m preparing by planting some of the seeds I obtained. I designated a small room off my study room for the seedlings and did all the necessary preparations. I check on them every day to make sure they have enough moisture and heat and light. Luckily, I have zone control capabilities with my HVAC system, so I am able to keep that room slightly warmer than the rest of the house to assist the seedlings in the growth process. The lamps I have in there help with heat a little bit, but the zone control heating compliments them. When I mist the seedlings, I usually have the heat up a bit higher so that the water on the plants doesn’t make them too cold. In the evening, I tend to set the control unit so that the room is a bit cooler to help the seedlings prepare for life outside. The zone-controlled HVAC system has absolutely come in handy throughout this whole process. I didn’t realize when I started the project how lucky I was to have that zone control feature on my HVAC unit, but it’s been so great! The seeds are doing fantastic, and they’re growing rapidly. I’ll be very excited when I can finally move them outside into the new garden!

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