Keeping my instruments clean

When I was a kid, I will admit that I wasn’t always fair to my mother and father. When you are a teenager, it feels natural to get frustrated with your parents and feel as though they do not understand. I know I was mean to my mom and dad more than a few times during those annoying teenage years. Now as a parent myself, I try to remember this fact when it comes to my own kids. I was recently berated by my son as he told me to stop being cheap and get the cooling equipment fixed right in our house. At first, I just chalked it up to him being annoyed by something else and he was simply taking his frustration out on me. However, I got to thinking a few days after our little encounter. Finally, I came to the conclusion that I should have the HVAC equipment looked at or upgraded. I got together with my HVAC provider and ultimately decided on a brand new system. This modern equipment gave us the ability to control temperatures in multiple rooms. It was the best option for us as a family. I know my son appreciates it because he can now control the heating and cooling equipment in his own room without it affecting the remainder of the house. I love our new setup and have no intentions of letting it get worn down. I will schedule routine maintenance for it very soon. Overall, I love everything about it and my family is happier because of it.

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