Installing a heater in the barn

When I was young my parents decided to own a goat farm.  We were already living in a large, country house on 15 acres that had 2 barns on it so they thought to make use of the space.  I thought it was kind of neat to have goats at first, although I was never in love with them. As I grew older I was forced to work out in the barn more and more.  That meant getting up at 3:00 am and doing barn chores before school. This included cleaning out the pens, and milking 10 goats by hand, and of course giving them fresh food and/or water.  When I would get back home from school I would do some chores inside the house before I had to head back out to the barn for 2 more hours, only after that I was able to begin on my homework.  I detested having to be out in our barn so much, my grades were suffering, I was tired all the time, and I hated being out in the drastic, cold temperatures. I couldn’t stand being outside in the barn when the temp was 0 degrees outside, here I am milking the goats with bare hands.  I would always protest that it was too chilly to go out there, plus I would tell my folks they needed to have a heating system installed that it wasn’t always so frosty out there when milking the goats. I also suggested that even in the sub zero temperatures our goats could be comfortable too.  After all it had to be freezing cold for them to be stuck in an old, drafty barn when it is -17 outside. But, my parents never saw any need to have heat installed in the barn because they claimed goats were mountain animals so they were used to the cold temps.

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