Indoor air conditions when looking for books

I recently acquired a wonderful new side hustle: book hunting. My job is definitely easy. I basically work for a local young woman, finding used books in local thrift stores to stock her online book shop. Since I happen to be a lifelong visitor of thrift stores, this job is legitimately amazing, plus almost therapeutic to me. Basically every afternoon, after school, I visit some thrift stores in my town (I am lucky to have a legitimately large number within a small radius). Then, I browse through the books to see if any have any decent retail value. I buy all the ones that do, then pass them onto my boss once each week. She pays me for all of my work, plus that is pretty much it. I do care about the job for a few reasons: one, that I have basically no limits to how many books I find, and two, I have no set schedule whatsoever. There are some setbacks though. The main issue is that I have to spend so much of my time in thrift stores, and previously, I would check the clothing plus shoe sections and be done. Now, occasionally I spend a little over an hour in each thrift store. Many of the thrift stores I check out do not have fine indoor air conditions, plus I am not sure that their Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C is in fine repair. The air pretty much seems tepid plus close; there is hardly any ventilation; plus I rarely can even feel the air conditioning. After a while, it seems entirely necessary to take a break plus walk outside, just to get some fresh air! By the time I get to my property, I feel exhausted, plus I smell exactly like musty books! Still, though, I am pleased with my work. I just wish that these thrift stores would invest in some fine air conditioning, ventilation, plus perhaps a quality air purification system!

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