Indoor air conditions and my health

I’m kind of a health nut these days, which is a funny change of events… I never used to take superb care of myself until I started to see friends and family around me having to deal with debilitating health problems. It suddenly seemed like a real priority to get our health issues in order before something drastic happened to our family. That’s the reason why I started examining the ways I could try and improve our household and also promote greater mental and physical health for us. First of all, I changed the lighting in our beach house plus I had our recent family photos featured on the walls to brighten our moods and to help us spark some positivity. Then, when I was feeling more zen, I decided it was finally time to tackle our home’s ancient Heating & A/C system. I knew that the aged heating plus cooling system was really due for a major overhaul, but I hadn’t wanted to do it because of the extreme cost of Heating & A/C replacement. After seeing how much medical bills cost, however, I was much more okay with investing in our temperature control system. I had the HVAC ducts all completely professionally cleaned plus scrubbed. I had the most advanced air filters on the market installed in our oil furnace plus in our a/c. I also had our air handling system disinfected from 99.9% of germs and yucky viruses. Then I had a brand new oil furnace and an air conditioning unit installed so I could count on having a more reliable plus stable temperature control each day. Finally, we had a dehumidifier installed in order to cut down on the growth of mold plus mildew in our family’s home. I’m breathing better than ever and so are my kids. I’m feeling healthy as a horse, plus our moods have all vastly improved with these changes!

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