I’m working on my immune system

I was brought into this world with a pretty weak immune system. I spent my childhood inside of a bubble quite literally within the hospital. There was such a real concern about how I could live out in the world and not die from sickness. My immune system might not be able to handle the conditions. I on the other hand was more optimistic and as an adult it was my choice to determine how I live. I wanted to live on the globe, not just watch it go by. I knew what this meant surely, but I was prepared. I recently found an apartment in a moderately new building that would allow for less exposure with mold and viruses. My first call was to the local HVAC company who delivered a service man to evaluate my needs. I explained to him my condition and the needs of developing a very modern and updated HVAC unit in the apartment that would have to get maintained bi-monthly. He was gobsmacked, as I could tell by the look on his face. As I told him why he became very sympathetic and really had to help. He was committed to deep cleaning the different vents and filter systems, and changed out every filter. He did a deep cleanse of the ductwork just to assure it was all ok and cleaned out properly. It turns out they already have special filters for people with weak immune systems, so when they check on them they will be able to tell how bad the air is for my residence right at that moment. This was awesome. I knew I could make all of it work.