I’m very hopeful

When our second child was born, we wanted to visit with my husband’s parents so they could meet the new grandchild.  We hadn’t been there to visit in several months, so this was the perfect time to visit and show off the new baby. My hubby’s parents live in a great, busy city and it’s a lot of fun to visit them and go on adventures all day.  My mother in law even offered to babysit our older son so we could get a little one on one time. It seemed appreciate a good system at the time. We left our home on a Monday early in the day, knowing it would take us a long time to arrive. We arrived late in the night, just before almost everyone was getting ready for bed. The temperature was getting colder out, so I’m glad the heat in the car was working well on the final leg of the journey. My Mom was getting ready to go to sleep, so we all went to bed and in the morning we woke up to breakfast cooking downstairs! I rolled over and realized I was so sticky from the sweat.  When I went downstairs my mother in law admitted that the air conditioning wasn’t working and just stopped last night. I think it was because it’s an outdated window unit air conditioning and couldn’t take the hot summer months for years on end. I looked at it and it was filthy, so if it was cleaned regularly, maybe the climate control apparatus would work better. I got it working a little bit, but we did go out and buy her a new air conditioning system when we were visiting. His parents should be comfortable in their own home.

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