I’m happy about this

I’m the type of person that is always feeling uncomfortably cold no matter what. Even in the summer, the slightest breeze will make me shiver. I always keep a long sleeve shirt on hand and a jacket in my car. You can never be too prepared. I remember one year, spring was in full swing, we were ready for summer, it was May, when all of a sudden there was snow again. That year I learned my lesson. Since even the summer is difficult for me, you can imagine that the winter is a real struggle. People have told me to move south, but I love my job and would miss my family. So unless I’m sitting by a heater, I’m always running around and try to keep my blood pumping. My home has a pretty nice HVAC system, so I stay relatively comfortable there. My wife is kind of the opposite and actually likes the thermostat set kind of low. Luckily our house has a brand new climate control system that allows all sorts of flexibility and compromise for preference. The HVAC zone control gives us four separate areas to work with, so the furnace is set so that my office and the parlor room are kept nice and warm for me. Then my wife keeps the thermostat in the living room and our bedroom a little cooler. I don’t mind not having too much heating in the bedroom since I’m only really in there to sleep and we have blankets. I do keep a secret space heater in the bathroom but my wife doesn’t need to know that.

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