I’m going to clean my vent

I’m concentrating on a Master’s in Finance because I’d like to see steady employment until I can retire. The world will always need bean-counters, and I’m pretty great at it. I’m committed to conserving money, so I’m sharing a house with four other people. None of my roommates are what you will call ‘neat. ’ I’m no saint, though, so when I’m dating someone, she’s not usually too thrilled about our home and doesn’t want to stay very long. It’s a little frustrating being required to pack a bag and have to get up really early for class just for some female companionship. Maybe the thing the girls like least about our place is that we have no central air conditioning. One of my roommates has a window air conditioner, but I insist that he pay extra to the power bill every month. I’m prepared to sweat rather than fork over the extra cash for the cooling system. My grandparents didn’t live with AC, why don’t need to either. Sadly, most of the girls I see don’t believe the same thing about climate control, so when I stay over at their houses, I get frozen out by their HVAC systems. I usually pack fleece pants and a sweatshirt to overcome the arctic blast coming out of their air vents. I guess I’m pretty much used to the heat without our air conditioner. I never mess with anybody else’s thermostat, but I’m constantly tempted. They wouldn’t notice another degree or two more on the temperature control panel, I imagine, and it would even save them a little money on their power bill.