I’m feeling very comfortable

I despise working out. I am not one of these people who finds they get a great high from pounding the pavement for several miles. I certainly cannot find one aspect of working out in a gym that excites me. Gyms are basically places to drown in personal self-loathing, as you compare yourself to every single person working out around you. Either way, it is like pulling teeth to get me to either workout, but I know I have to for my health, so I go. Recently, my gym installed the most amazing new type of heating. I had never seen, or I should say felt, anything like it before. In the shower and changing rooms of the gym, the management recently installed Radiant Floor Heat. Apparently, this new type of heating is all of the rage! Pipes are installed into the baseboards of the floor. Water is pumped in whole slowly heated. As the water heats up, the heat then slowly rises turning the entire room into a sauna-like experience. Seriously, I could just live in that room for the rest of my life. I mean, ‘what could be better than this,’ I ask you? How many times do you step out of your cozy hot shower to a horribly freezing bathroom? Just imagine opening the shower door and stepping into the heavenly heated sauna. That is what it is like to have Radiant Floor Heat. Right now, it is what keeps me going to the gym. It’s my reward after my workout! Now to consider installing this in my home!

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