I’m feeling cheerful

My family plus I love to go on trips to historic sites, and we’ve been to a bunch of old castles, houses, forts and so on in the states, plus I can’t describe why it’s so much fun… Something about the history, plus being in a building where people lived or worked hundreds of years ago – that was so cool to me. But, you could almost feel the history around you in sites such as that, and another thing people don’t often realize is that historic forts plus buildings often lack modern HVAC. I remember 1 time, I went to this old russian fort with my family. We’d heard it was entirely something to see – they’d have “historical figures” dressed in old fashioned clothes plus offering old facts of history, plus had costumed soldiers firing cannons into the ocean, then both of us went, eager to check out the venue plus take in the history. While the outside was entirely something, there was something strange about the indoor hallways of the fort… Keep in mind, this was in the middle of summer. Both of us realized that despite being in an old clay-brick fort, all of us were all surprisingly cool plus comfy inside the fort. Both of us asked 1 of the tour guides, who said that renovators installed minimal cooling systems to keep tourists cool in the fort. It seemed strange, running new technology through a historic site, although I was cheerful they did – I would’ve been warm in no time if not for the air conditioners indoors!

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