I’m always too warm

When my cousin was getting married I was in the wedding party and I was looking forward to all of the celebrations ahead of time as well as the ceremony. Instead of having a typical bachelorette party she decided that it would be fun if all of us went on a wine tour through The Vineyards in the up country. It was a beautiful fall day and we were all looking forward to spending the time together in the limousine traveling from one winery to the next but when an early snowstorm decided to roll in we thought our trip would be ruined. We called ahead and most of The Vineyards were still open so we decided to make the best of it, bundled up and headed out the door. When we arrived at the first stop it was very interesting to learn that although we felt that the early snowstorm was a bad thing the vineyard workers were very happy because apparently it takes the first freeze before the sugar comes into the grapes. I have always been a fan of sweeter wines so this was great news for me.  I even learned about a thing called ice wine which can only be produced for a short time during the year and the grapes actually have to be frozen on the vines and harvested quickly to make it. Most of the wineries did have some sort of heat so it wasn’t too uncomfortable at the places we visited, although most of us opted not to go on the  tours because of the freezing cold temperatures. We were all happy to sit in the winery and sip wine and watch the snowfall outside and then return to the nice one limo to head to the next one. It was a great trip and I would go again in a heartbeat.