I’m a technology type of person

I have learned to be prepared when I goto my doctor’s office.  The reason for this is that I know they keep their thermostat setting to sub zero temperatures. They claim this is for germ purposes and I have since learned there is nothing I can do about no matter how annoying and frustrating it is. Last week, I had a personal check up scheduled and the moment I walked inside the office a rush of heat came at me and enveloped my face! I did not expect it one bit and right away looked around the room to find many people who were quite unhappy while experiencing the situation. There was a huge sign in bold red letters that explained they were experiencing a problem with their HVAC system being jammed on one setting, hot. The zone control system together with smart app apparently collided in the event the doctor tried to change the settings from his phone late the night before when he realized he forgot to shut anything down. Apparently, they can’t seem figure out if they need a telephone tech person to come evaluate the smart app or an HVAC technician to come look at the thermostats zone control. I am actually a specialist person and was tempted to inquire further if they needed help, though each of them looked so utterly annoyed that I was afraid to ask.