I’m a bit bothered

When my brother in law hit the road several months ago, he was going to join a travelling flea market. His plan was to send money home to his kids and my sister. I never thought it was a good idea, because it is such an idealized way to make money that doesn’t always work out. By the end of the first two months, Jake had stopped writing or calling and he never once sent money. My sister and her three kid had nowhere to go. When they were forced evicted out of their apartment, I knew she had to move in with me for awhile. I honestly never liked Jake as he never proved himself responsible.  My sister wasn’t too excited to lose her privacy and move in with me, but with a large home in the country there were no other options at the moment. It would have to do for the time being. It’s only been a few weeks, and I am surprised that my sister is already driving me crazy, not even her kids, just her. I have basic rules about the house that she can’t seem to follow. She has no appreciation for turning off all of the lights if she isn’t in a room. I installed control equipment that controls the temperature in the house when I started back to working out of the house full time. It’s a pretty cool thing, plus much more efficient than our outdated cooling system, which saves me a lot of money. When I was feeling warm, I adjusted the control equipment to whatever degrees I needed. It felt good in the house, plus I slept much better. One day my sister was curled up in a wool blanket, when my I came home from work and I was furious.  She told me that she changed the control equipment to her liking. I thought she was being irresponsible as I had it programed for saving money. The next day, I came home with a digital control unit, that uses a fingerprint scan to adjust the temperature. It was time for a modern control unit, and this way I could monitor my bills and HVAC system much better without my sister getting in the way.

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